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Designed initially for players of Howrse or Equideow this site offers many free resources that can be used on games or personal web sites. Here you can generate your own layout and banners as well as download free ready made layouts for your player or EC profiles.

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Free layouts

We have plenty of free layouts that you can copy and paste into your Howrse player profile or equestrian centre page. You may use any layout on the site for your own non-commercial use as long as the original links and credits remain on the layout.

Latest layout

This layout has a large frame around the profile and scroll boxes for both text areas.

Banner Maker

make your own banner

The free banner maker can be used for your Howrse page or a signature tag. One is a perfect size for your avatar. Can be used with an image as the background or block colour. Make as many as you want.

Help and misc area

HTML Basics

If you want to make your own layout we have tutorials that will help you learn HTML and how to make a simple layout.

Resources and images

There is a selection of welcome banners and images that can be put into your howrse layout or other pages. Make sure you save any images you generate on this site on an hosting website, images on the howrseinfo server are continually changing.

Make your own layout

make your own profilemake your layout

The free layout generator is simple to use and fits both EC and your player page. Chose the images, colours and fonts you want and then simply copy and paste into your profile. Images can easily be changed or a new layout generated.

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