Pink lightning

A great layout with one image at the top and a text box underneath. The narrow 550 and wider 800 presentations both have two text boxes but for the very narrow mobile version just one text box is included.

paint horse layout

Copy and paste the following code for the small 550 pixel layout:

Copy and paste the following code for the larger 800 pixel layout:

Copy and paste the following code for a narrow 300 pixel layout for your mobile:

You can easily change your Howrse profile. To go to your page use the following Howrse menu links - community, my page. On the right hand side you will see the links to change your presentation. You can modify - change, reinitialize - start again or set out the display options you want - width and height of your presentation. As you have the HTML code for your layout you will need to change the edit mode BEFORE you paste your layout code. Over on the right hand side by the smiley faces is a green HTML mode edit button. Click on this before you paste your layout code and you will be taken to a new page. This shows the html edit mode page - notice that the Howrse edit icons at the top and the smiley faces have disappeared. Now you can paste your layout HTML code and save the presentation. If when you save your layout all you can see is code then you have pasted in the wrong place. You need to be in the correct HTML edit mode.

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