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Free layout generators from

These generators will give you the small or the wider layout codes for your Howrse profile page. You must choose an option or enter the information required for EACH step in the generator otherwise the HTML code generated will not be complete and you will get the error message when trying to save your profile in your Howrse presentation.

If you have the address of an image you want to use then it must be in the following format or

When using tinypic or photobucket etc to host your images use the direct link option. Do not use images directly linked to websites unless they are specialist image hosting sites. Google has an article explaining how to search for allowable google images. Either copy a direct link into the box or copy and paste one of the addresses shown in each generator. You can change the image when your layout is in your profile if you want to find a different one later.

In each generator you need to pick colours in your layout and fonts. Click on the "click here for colours" and a popup will open showing the colours you can choose for the background of the table. If you cannot see the colour chart at any time then you may have to scroll up a few lines on your PC screen. When you find a colour you want click on that colour and the details will appear in the correct boxes.

If you want to change something simply use the browsers back button until your layout is how you want it.

2 Text boxes 3 Text boxes
with background colour with background image with background colour with background image
small wide small wide small wide small wide

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